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With this year’s focus to get a nomination for the Olympic Games in London, SR Suntour WERX rider David Graf had very little time to compete in the 4X Pro Tour earlier this season. After the announcement by the Swiss cycling federation that is was instead his SR Suntour WERX teammate Rodger Rinderknecht who was nominated for the Olympics, David immediately returned to the tracks that meant the most to him.

At Willingen with something to prove he made it easily to the final and then showed why he was on the shortlist for a ticket to London. Graf, Wichman, Slavik and Mechura were the finalists on the gate on a track that had been redesigned this season to allow more chances for passing.

Graf went bar to bar through the first corner with Josh Wichman and looked a safe winner but then almost crashed and while fighting to regain control allowed Wichman to pass. Wichman, concentrated as ever, pushed hard to extend his lead until turn No. 3 by which time Graf had recovered his rhythm and violently accelerated taking the perfect line in the last section and clinching the win. It was a great victory for David and the SR Suntour Team.

Posted by Matt Limb, June 25, 2012 16:01.

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