FA825 Rixen & Kaul Doggy Basket With Korbklip 0399KK

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The Rixen & Kaul Doggy Basket with Korbklip 0399KK is a perfect accessory for pet owners who like to take their furry friends with them on their bike rides. This basket is designed to securely attach to your bike’s handlebars with the Korbklip mounting system, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for your pet.

The basket is made of durable and weather-resistant plastic, and features a meshed wire cover to keep your pet safe and secure while still allowing them to enjoy the fresh air and scenery. The cover can be easily opened and closed with the included zipper, and can also be completely removed for cleaning or storage.

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Weight 3.08 kg
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 50 cm