SR Suntour Fork Service Air Sprung Fork

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This Service is for the Air sprung fork only
Service includes:
– Dust seals
– Return postage

When you send the forks back will we need in the box:
– A print out of the completed PDF:


Please send to the following address only:

SR Suntour Servicing
Greyville Enterprises Ltd.
26 Walkers Rd,
Moons Moat North Industrial Estate,
B98 9HE

**You are responsible for the cost to send the item**
Any parts that will be needed to complete the service will be charged extra.
Will we call before to confirm price and to get the go ahead.
Please affix all loose parts
Carriage will be charged at checkout to cover the return postage. All items purchased at the same time will be sent when the service has been completed