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  • 10-speed Shimano/Sram compatible.
  • Also fits a 9 speed body.
  • Separate cogs and nylon spacers.
  • Extra tough 1.2 micron Nickel plated cogs.
  • Special heat-treated cogs with carbon depth of 0.5 - 0.6mm and hardness of HRA-72-78. Extra strong and durable compared to other cassettes. Tempering process further reinforces the cog strength.
  • Designed to give consistently smooth and responsive shifting performance in any riding conditions.
  • Unique construction process makes this cassette resistant to premature wearing.
  • Provides a wide range of gear ratios for road and mountain bikes.
  • Supplied with lock-ring.


BCS10S1 BBB 10 Speed Cassette (Shimano): 11/21 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £44.95
BCS10S2 BBB 10 Speed Cassette (Shimano): 11/23 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £44.95
BCS10S5 BBB 10 Speed Cassette (Shimano): 11/25 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £44.95
BCS10S3 BBB 10 Speed Cassette (Shimano): 12/25 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £39.95
BCS10S6 BBB 10 Speed Cassette (Shimano): 12/27 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £44.95
BCS10S4 BBB 10 Speed Cassette (Shimano): 12/28 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £44.95
BCS10S7 BBB 10 Speed Cassette (Shimano): 14/25 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £47.95
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