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  • Specially designed for rusted or defective threads.
  • Can also be used for French threads.
  • It requires the housing to be faced at 45 degrees angle before installation.
  • Sealed bearings, nylon ring seals and hollow steel axle.
  • Axle lengths: 114mm, 118mm, 121mm, 124mm.
  • Weight: 304g.


JP100014 Stronglight Threadless Tapered Bottom Bracket: 68/114mm BSA DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £59.95
JP100018 Stronglight Threadless Tapered Bottom Bracket: 68/118mm BSA DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £59.95
JP100021 Stronglight Threadless Tapered Bottom Bracket: 68/121mm BSA DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £59.95
JP100024 Stronglight Threadless Tapered Bottom Bracket: 68/124mm BSA DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £59.95
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