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  • High-tech cycling socks for cold weather conditions.
  • Lightweight Thermolite fibers provide comfort and warmth, even when wet.
  • Elastic middle part for a perfect and tight fit around the feet.
  • Open structure lines on top of the sock allow excessive moisture to evaporate easily.
  • Flexible bending area above the ankle prevents folds where the sock is curved.
  • Reinforced toe and heel area for extra strength and warmth.
  • Long cycling sock, 100mm height.
  • Sizes: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 and 47-49.
  • Available in: black and black/blue.


BSO11Z35 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Black 35-38 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
BSO11Z39 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Black 39-42 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
BSO11Z43 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Black 43-46 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
BSO11Z47 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Black 47-49 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
BSO11B35 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Blue 35-38 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
BSO11B39 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Blue 39-42 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
BSO11B43 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Blue 43-46 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
BSO11B47 BBB Thermofeet Socks: Blue 47-49 DISCONTINUED
Retail price: £9.95
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