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The Specialist

With the same functions as the ROX 8.1, the ROX 9.1 offers extensive options for evaluating trip data with its additional LOG function and 90-hour memory capacity. One particular highlight is the GHOST RACE function, which enables cyclists to ride a route against themselves in real time.

Box Contents: ROX 9.1 bike computer, speed transmitter, cadence transmitter, R1 STS Comfortex+ chest strap, handlebar mount, docking station, SIGMA DATA CENTER 3 software.


  • Speed.
  • Cadence.
  • Heart Rate.
  • Altitude.
  • Gradient and rate of ascent.
  • Temperature.
  • PC compatibility.
  • Seven-trip memory.
  • Power calculation in watts.
  • Expansion function.
  • Ghost race function.
  • 90-hour LOG capacity.
  • Waypoint definition.
  • Programmable recording interval.
Retail price: £199.95
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