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SR Suntour Season Highlights

Posted by Oliver Beddows, October 03, 2016 10:36.

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Official Marvel Spiderman Helmet Now In Stock

Spider-man Bicycle Helmet

Ultimate Spider-man Helmet officially licensed by Marvel® is now available for immediate delivery from Greyville Enterprises Ltd. This character helmet is one of a range from Crazy Stuff and by far the most ambitious bit of creative design yet delivered. The 3D effect moulding really gives the impression Spider-man is crawling over the helmet and cool youngsters wanting to stand out from the crowd plus a few whacky adults are just going to love it.

The single dial adjustment and padded chinstrap provide a comfortable and stable fit for sizes 49 to 55 cms so the helmet is suitable for a wide range of ages. Weighing 262 grams and complying with European EN1078 safety standards this is a really practical safety helmet combined with unique and eye catching appeal.

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Posted by Oliver Beddows, October 03, 2016 09:15.

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BH-SRSUNTOUR-KMC Team Is Getting "Shready"

Posted by Oliver Beddows, October 03, 2016 09:03.

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Remy Absalon Takes The Win At Megavalanche In Alpe d`Huez!

Year after year, for exactly 20 years now! - an insane bike race has been held on Alpe d`Huez. More than 2000 gravity riders competing on a track more than 2500 vertical meters and more than 32km of descending starting from 3300 meter high and glaciated Pic Blanc.

After last year’s mudfest, the conditions for the 2k15 Megavalanche were just perfect. After three wins in the past, a 2nd place in 2013 and a break in 2014 Remy Absalon this year returned to his 'living room’ motivated and with a clear plan.

Remy raced to the top of the podium with an overall race time of 40 minutes, 54.930 seconds leading Thomas Lapeyrie (2nd) by 38 seconds and Yoann Barelli (3rd) by 46 seconds.

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Posted by Oliver Beddows, October 03, 2016 09:00.

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25% Off Kettenmax Chain Cleaners




A fast and neat complete solution for cleaning and greasing your bicycle chain. Due to the fact that this is a closed system, your bike remains clean too. 3 double-row spray brushes, 2 lateral cleaning brushes and 2 stripping brushes do a very thorough job.

Compact · Efficient · Clean · Fast

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Posted by Oliver Beddows, June 19, 2014 13:00.

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