FA801 Rixen & Kaul Korbfix I Basket Fixing

Barcode: 4.03E+12
SKU: 13FA801
RRP: £5.95


The Rixen & Kaul Korbfix I Basket Fixing is a high-quality and durable accessory designed for use with various bicycle baskets. This product features a sturdy construction and is made of strong materials to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. It is a simple yet effective solution for securely attaching a basket to a bike’s handlebars.

The Korbfix I Basket Fixing comes with a quick-release mechanism that makes it easy to attach and remove the basket from the bike. It is compatible with most standard handlebars and can be adjusted to fit different basket sizes. The fixing mechanism is designed to keep the basket firmly in place, even when riding on rough terrain or at high speeds.

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 20.2 × 7.8 × 2.2 cm