KF822 Rixen & Kaul Wicker Front Basket

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The KF822 Rixen & Kaul Wicker Front Basket is a bicycle basket designed to be mounted on the front of a bicycle. It is made from natural wicker and features a sturdy metal frame that attaches to the handlebars of the bike. The basket is designed to be both practical and stylish, providing a convenient way to carry items while adding a touch of classic charm to the bicycle’s overall look.

The basket measures approximately 38cm x 26cm x 25cm, making it spacious enough to carry a variety of items, such as groceries, books, or a small bag. It features a drawstring closure to keep items secure while in transit and a comfortable carrying handle for easy transport off the bike.

Additional information

Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 29.6 × 32.8 × 34.4 cm