KF826 Rixen & Kaul Mini Wicker Front Basket

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The KF826 Rixen & Kaul Mini Wicker Front Basket is a small, elegant basket designed to be mounted on the front of a bicycle. Like other Rixen & Kaul baskets, it is made from natural wicker, giving it a classic, timeless appearance.

The Mini Wicker Front Basket is perfect for carrying small items, such as a wallet, keys, phone, or a small bag. Its compact size measures approximately 23cm x 16cm x 14cm, making it a great choice for cyclists who don’t need a larger basket but still want the convenience of having one.

The basket attaches to the bicycle’s handlebars using the KLICKfix handlebar adapter system, which allows for easy installation and removal. The adapter is made from durable plastic and features a locking mechanism to keep the basket securely attached while in use.

Additional information

Weight 0.986 kg
Dimensions 37.1 × 32.9 × 25.2 cm