KF832 Rixen & Kaul Lamello Large Front Basket

Barcode: 4018861011024
SKU: 13KF832
RRP: £34.96


The KF832 Rixen & Kaul Lamello Large Front Basket is a stylish and functional front basket designed to be mounted on the front of a bicycle. It is made from durable, lightweight aluminum and features a natural wicker finish that gives it a classic, timeless look.

The Lamello Large Front Basket measures approximately 44cm x 31cm x 22cm, making it large enough to hold a variety of items, including groceries, clothing, books, and more. The basket also has a removable handle, which makes it easy to carry off the bike.

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Weight 0.96 kg
Dimensions 38.6 × 27.8 × 28.6 cm