KF880Z Rixen & Kaul Black Reisenthel Bikebasket

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The KF880Z Rixen & Kaul Black Reisenthel Bikebasket is a stylish and practical accessory for your bike. Here are some features of this product:

-Size: The Bikebasket has a volume of 15 liters and can easily carry your daily essentials like groceries, books, and more.

-Design: The Black Reisenthel Bikebasket has a sleek and modern design that is perfect for urban cyclists. The basket is made from durable and water-resistant polyester and features a black finish.

-Attachment: The basket can be easily attached to your bike’s handlebar using the Klickfix attachment system. This allows you to easily attach and remove the basket from your bike.

-Extras: The basket comes with a removable inner lining that is washable and easy to clean. The basket also has a front pocket with a zipper closure for easy access to your phone, wallet, and other small items.

Additional information

Weight 0.87 kg
Dimensions 7.9 × 32.4 × 37.2 cm