KR851 Rixen & Kaul Caddy Stem/Seat Post Adapter

Barcode: 4.03E+12
SKU: 13KR851
RRP: £21.95


Handlebar adapter Caddy is a version of the KLICKfix handlebar adapter. For mounting on vertical tubes such as stems or seat posts. Suitable for foldable bikes, scooters, wheel chairs, golf caddys etc. Robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Fits all tube diameters Ø 22-36mm. Ideal for clicking bigger bags, baskets or backpacks onto long vertical seat posts on foldable bikes or long vertical stems on Dutch bikes. Leaves the handlebar free to carry lights, speedometer, etc.

Weight: 120 g
Volume: 0 l
Max load: 7 kg max.

Additional information

Weight 0.132 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 8.7 × 12.6 cm