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SEB220 Stronglight 20T Bosch 2nd Generation Compatible Sprocket

Barcode: 3700223713790
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Stronglight 20T Bosch 2nd Generation Compatible Sprocket.

Stronglight bicycle components provide cyclists with the core bike parts they need to perform at the highest level. Combining technical excellence with a methodical approach to observing the needs of pro cyclists, they have built up a solid fan base of keen bike enthusiasts who rely upon their knowledge in the field. They are a leading manufacturer of bike accessories such as chainrings, headsets and bottom brackets which are used frequently by cycling champions, some of whom have been led to victory on a bike made using Stronglight bicycle components. For a steady and unwavering commitment to quality and performance, look no further than Stronglight.

  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Teeth: 20T