Tru-Tension Deluxe Cycle Bundle (Box of 5)

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The perfect bundle for premium bike care. Ideal for Road Riders, Mountain Bikers and E-Bike Riders. From novices to professional riders, this bundle accommodates the needs of every rider with the highest performing products on the market.

Enhance every toolbox with this 8 piece Deluxe Bundle of cycling tools, cleaning products and innovative lubricants.

Covering all weather conditions with the world first Tungsten lubricants, complemented with state of the art cleaning products to provide every biker with the perfect platform to clean, protect and lubricate their bike. Ideal for road bikes, mountain bikes and E-Bikes.

Don’t just take our word for how good the lubes are, check out the data below!


  • 1x Monkey Juice 1L
  • 1 x Monkey Juice Concentrate Gel Sachet
  • 1 x Tungsten All-Weather Lube,
  • 1 x Tungsten Wet Lube
  • 1 x Drivetrain Cleaner
  • 1 x Muck Monkey Chain Brush
  • 1 x Cycle Maintenance Spray

  • 1 x Brake Cleaner
  • Gift box may vary slightly in design and colour due to high demand